Empower Your Sales: A Guide to Self-Hosted CRM Solutions for Lead and Sales Management

Manage deals with multiple smart pipelines to follow up, check probability, and level up your deals. Schedule tasks and activities from right here.


Everything you need to manage deal pipeline

Customizable Stage

The stages of the deal pipeline are fully customizable. You can customize the stages as per your need.

Deal Probability

You can set deal probability that helps you to prioritize deals for proper use of time and better output.

Propose Estimate

It allows you to create professional estimates and send them from right here. An explicit estimate is crucial to win a project.

Quick won lost action

You can make a deal lost or won and turn it into a project in a single click. Then you manage your project flawlessly.


It allows you to mark a deal with a tag. You can tag a deal with your client's name, client's company name, or niche name.

Drag and Drop Card

You can move and sort your deal cards with drag and drop. It helps you to manage deals simply and very quickly.

Task and scheduling

From here, you can simply set tasks and schedule several activities including meetings. It keeps things on track.


Different deals need different care. Notes help you to remember everything and let you take personalized care of your deals.


You can attach the necessary files for deals easily in the most powerful CRM Propovoice that simplifies your presentation.

Benefits of deal pipeline

Easy deal management with the smart deal pipeline of Propovoice benefits you largely. It saves your time and increases the probability and helps you win maximum projects that will take your business experience to the next level. 


Higher Probability


Save a day

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