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Propovoice is a versatile plugin for WordPress that serves as a comprehensive client management system, enabling users to efficiently handle leads, deals, projects, invoices, and estimates. Additionally, it offers a client portal for enhanced communication and includes beta features such as service package management and workflow customization, all customizable through its settings menu.

Currently, Propovoice does not have built-in cloud support. It’s a wordpress based self hosted solutions. You have to use your own hosting. 

Propovoice operates well on regular WordPress hosting, but for optimal performance, we recommend managing a robust server.

Absolutely. Propovoice is compatible with well-managed shared hosting servers.

Yes, Propovoice includes a feature that allows you to send emails directly to your leads.

Propovoice offers flexibility in email delivery options. Users can choose to utilize the built-in WP mailer or integrate with external SMTP services for sending emails.

Yes, you can import leads into Propovoice using the lead import option from a CSV file, allowing you to gather leads from external sites efficiently.

Yes, users can enable a client portal with client logins within Propovoice.

Currently, this feature is not available in Propovoice.

Currently, this feature is not available in Propovoice.

Propovoice benefits from multilingual support inherent in WordPress. You can enable additional languages, including Portuguese, by installing translation plugins like Loco Translator.

Currently, this feature is not available in Propovoice.

Currently, Propovoice utilizes a hybrid solution, but we are planning to transition all Propovoice data to custom data tables in the future.

You can find our development plan at

 You can find our changelog at

Currently, Propovoice supports WooCommerce, PayPal, Stripe, and manual bank transactions as payment gateways.

Yes, Propovoice includes a simple project management system that is integrated into its features.

No, Propovoice does not have a dedicated app at this time.

Yes, we offer multisite support, currently in the beta stage.

Yes, Propovoice offers flexible VAT fields to accommodate various tax requirements and configurations.

No, Propovoice can only be used within the WordPress environment.

No, Propovoice does not generate QR codes for invoices at this time.

Yes, you can build proposals and quotations under the Estimate menu within Propovoice.

You cannot rename default fields, but you can add custom fields to tailor Propovoice to your specific needs.

Yes, Propovoice offers workflow automation features, currently in the beta stage.

Propovoice supports all currencies accepted by PayPal, Stripe, and WooCommerce.

Currently, the integration with WooCommerce allows you to receive payments only.

WooCommerce is only required if you want to receive payments via WooCommerce; otherwise, it’s not necessary.

Yes, Propovoice supports payment reminder emails.

Yes, Propovoice supports Loco Translate, as well as other WordPress translator plugins.

No, this functionality is not available at the moment.

Yes, Propovoice supports custom fields (Metabox).

Yes, you can access it from Settings > Integration > Automation.

No, Propovoice does not currently support making phone calls directly from within the platform.

White-label functionality is already available; you can utilize it.

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