Smart Lead Management

The more leads you have, the more sales possibilities you have. Manage leads, prioritize and nurture them effectively with Propovoice CRM to convert them to potential deals.

Smart Lead Management With Propovoice
Lead Form Of Propovoice Crm Plugin

Collect and add new leads

Collecting unique leads is the first task in a CRM work cycle and crucial to your business. The more leads you have, the more sales opportunities you have. You will have some integrations with Propovoice that collect new leads with the contact form of your website and social platforms automatically. You can import CSV files and add new leads manually as well. 

Full functional lead management system

Management System Of Propovoice Crm Plugin
Lead Label

You can prioritize your leads in 3 labels, Hot, Warm and Cold. It helps you to make plans for them and nurture them properly.

Tag & Source

It allows you to mark a lead with a tag. You can see what source is a lead from. It helps you to classify your leads as per your needs.

Task and scheduling

From here, you can simply set tasks and schedule several activities including meetings. It keeps things on track.


Different leads need different care. Notes help you to remember everything and let you take personalized care of your leads.


You can attach the necessary files for leads easily in the most powerful CRM Propovoice that simplifies your presentation.

Quick convert lead to deal

When a lead becomes sales qualified, you can convert the lead to a deal in a single click and manage it with the smart deal pipeline.

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