How To Choose Right WordPress CRM Plugin For Small Agency

Your startup or small agency’s policy and strategy should not be like that of a giant company. Their client relationship management requirements are different as well. A small agency sales team may not need a CRM of superfluous features. Your sales team needs a CRM with some particular key features and significantly you should provide more personalized support and service.  

You should choose a CRM for precise features for your small agency that doesn’t make your sales and marketing team confused with so many unnecessary features. A CRM designed for small agencies keep your sales team safe from making mistakes and you haven’t to spend on their training.  

According to Forbes, in the last year, the value of the CRM market size was $120 billion, and it will be growing at 12% every year. So you can apprehend, how the CRM software market is getting bigger and how it benefits global business.

Throughout this article, we’ll know how you can choose a perfect CRM system for your agency or business, and which software can be effective for your agency or business’s progress. But before diving into that, let’s know what is CRM Sofware and how it works.

What is CRM & How it Works

CRM stands for customer relationship management. Customer Relationship Management is an approach that helps your agency improve existing client relationships and for engaging new clients rapidly. In simple words, CRM is used to store your clients’ data, import-export clients’ data, track and analyze clients’ interactions and behavior, and maintain communication with clients in an organized way for the best output. It’s a centralized system that let you manage all your sales and client management from a single platform. 

CRM automates marketing accordingly to increase sales. CRM collects leads and clients data, conducts marketing campaigns, processes sales, schedules orders and provides customer support

Importance of WordPress CRM Plugin For Small Agency

You know better how important your current and future clients (leads) are to your agency and business. Every agency and business invest a large amount of money in client relationship management every year. However,  as a small agency owner, you may have to discover better but cost-saving strategies for every operation including client management. It’s needless to mention that CRM is the best and the most cost-saving way to manage your clients and sales. It works for you just like a professional sales team but it costs less than 20% of hiring a team. It cuts down more than 80% of your marketing and client management costs. Moreover, CRM reduces errors and operates some actions that are not possible for a human to do. 

Top Features You Need to Look For Before Choosing A CRM Software For Small Business are

Clean & User-Friendly Dashboard

Your sales and marketing team may have to spend most of their working hours on the dashboard of CRM. So, the CRM you are going to choose its dashboard must be designed with seamless user experiences and clean interfaces. The dashboard must present all the graphs, statics, and key data clearly. It must let your team navigate, search, operate, and manage flawlessly.

Easy Contact Management

A WordPress CRM plugin must have the ability to store and keep track of the total journey of your customer’s behavior as well. And also it should prioritize users’ life stages so that can categorize your service swiftly. For example, you should have the ability to categorize your customers by their interests, behavior, and other information.

So you must check these basic functions carefully before implementing a CRM plugin correctly.

Able to Keep Notes

The integration and automation of CRM have almost every task easier. Nevertheless, it’s quite common to forget anything about a client in your busyness against the clock. In this case, a field of adding a note about a client can be really helpful. Can’t it? Because you may have something important about a client you don’t want to forget or miss. Adding notes to provide personalized support and grow your client’s satisfaction.

Email Communication

Email is the biggest Communication method in business. So, email communication is a must for a CRM. Email communication is an indispensable part of client relationship management. A good CRM must have this facility of emailing clients.

Advanced Contact Filter Option

Sometimes your sales team If you want to find out a lead or client urgently from such a large database of thousands of leads and clients, your CRM must have an advanced filter option.

Billing and Accounting  

Creating a proposal, estimate, and invoice is basic billing activity that should be facilitated by a good CRM for a small agency.  Creating billing documents like estimate and invoices shows your professionalism and establish your agency’s loyalty. Accounting helps you to do some basic summation in CRM.

Useful Integrations

A good CRM must have the necessary integrations that

  1. Contact form
  2. Option monster
  3. Fluent CRM
  4. SMTP
  5. Mailchimp
  6. Zoom
  7. Google meet
  8. Google Calendar
  9. Google Drive
  10. Paypal and Stripe etc.

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