Best Crm For Lead And Client Management

Best CRM for Lead and Client Management

Your lead is your business. It’s said that connectivity is productivity. Leads are connections in fact. If your sales team manages them well, your agency or business will grow largely.

There are a good number of CRM plugins in WordPress. But which one is the best for lead and client management?

In this article, you are going to find the crieterea that make a CRM best for lead management and which one is the best indeed.

Here I described my experience with Propovoice and why it is the best CRM plugin on WordPress platform. The things that make Propovoice outstanding are-

Collect leads

Collecting valid leads is the first task in a CRM work cycle. The more leads you have, the more sales opportunities you have. You will have some integrations with Propovoice that capture leads

from the contact form of your website and social platforms automatically. Besides, you can add any contact manually. It also allows you to import leads from any other platforms. You can store as many leads as you want without any limitations.

Scoring leads to identify which ones are sales-ready

You may have many leads and you definitely know all leads are not the same. Some of them are highly interested and some of them may be fewer or random visitors.

With a lead list, the first task is for your sales team to figure out who are more interested and who are less as well as who are random visitors in the list.

Then they should put them in the stages accordingly so that they would be able to manage qualified leads and nurture unqualified leads properly.

Prioritizing leads

Prioritizing leads and managing them in a satisfactory way is key for your agency and business. Propovoice’s dashboard shows statistics and client interaction histories that make prioritizing leads simple. The client management pipeline of Propovoice helps your team to put leads in different stages and give priority to more important leads seamlessly.

Converting qualified leads into a sales opportunity

The ultimate goal for any sales team is to convert a lead into a sales opportunity. Within 3 weeks a lead should be converted, otherwise, it should be sent to the list that you need to nurture.

Qualified leads are very important for your agency and business. To convert qualified leads into sales opportunities your sales team has to be conscious. Qualified leads should be managed well. Propovoice effectively helps your sales team manage the qualified leads and convert them into clients.

Nurturing leads that are not ready to buy yet

You may have some leads who are struggling to make decisions. They want to be 100% sure about the quality of your service and products. They need to know about your agency and business in more detail.

You have to nurture them intensively. Lead nurturing is much more comprehensive than just sending a monthly or weekly email or calling a lead every week to check whether they’re finally ready for a contract.

Your sales team should build meaningful conversations by sending guides, tips, timely recommendations, industry research, and other useful content that will not only help leads solve problems and make the best

decision but also make your company as a trustworthy partner. You can let them know about your agency and service in detail by running email marketing campaigns. You can provide personalized support for them and convert them into clients of your service and business.

Evaluating lead management progress

Propovoice dashboard shows various statistics and overview graphs that demonstrate your lead management progress. You can see how many leads have been qualified and how many have been converted into clients finally at a glance.

You can monitor which lead management method brings benefits and which needs to be improved. You can see the number of generated leads and converted leads as well. You can track all the performance of lead management and change them for better output.

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