Propovoice Is The Best Crm For Freelancers

Propovoice is the best CRM for freelancers

You might have been working as a freelancer in different marketplaces for several years or just started working as a new freelancer. In both cases, time and clients are the most crucial for you.

You may have to spend a lot of time communicating with your clients, managing them, and nurturing them. Besides, you have a lot of cognitive pressure to remember your leads and clients’ status.

Sometimes you lose track to perform all these things by yourself in a manual way. Here I would like to tell you how Propovoice makes you get rid of such an inconvenient and time-killer process of client management and help boost your productivity. 

Propovoice is the best client relationship management for small agencies and freelancers. The things that made it the best CRM are as below.

Designed for freelancers

Propovoice is the best CRM for small companies and individuals as It is tailored to giving small businesses and freelancers the highest priority, unlike other CRM. The features are concisely designed considering the needs of small businesses and freelancers.

Certain and necessary features

The biggest mistake most freelancers make is they try CRM is too large and complicated to use. When you are a single freelancer you don’t need such a large and complicated CRM that makes you confused with superfluous features and options that you never need.

Sometimes you lose track among so many options and hardly find the required ones. However, Propovoice apprehended the issue of freelancers and small agencies and brought an effective solution with only the necessary features for freelancers and small agencies. It’s clear and easy to understand and use.

Easy to use

Before we dive into crafting Propovoice, we conducted user research and found out their needs, preferences, and pain points and cerebrated a lot to ideate better solutions.

After crafting Propovoice we tested its usability and updated it in an iterative way to make it the best WP CRM. Thus we make Propovoice more powerful and easy to use.

Intuitive design

Propovoice interacts with you so nicely that you can use it intuitively. It neither lets you think a lot nor confuses you about what to do. Its self-driving immediate instructions lead you to continue flawlessly. So, you can understand immediately when and what to do step by step while using Propovoice.

Lead and Client management

You may be a one-man army and you yourself have to do all things including managing leads and clients. Or it may have been not possible for you to store leads and nurture them.

If Propovoice is with you, you are no longer alone. It will assist you to store your potential leads and nurture them to turn them into regular clients.


You will enjoy some amazing automation in Propovoice that saves your time and lessens your cognitive load. You may have a regular client who pays you weekly and you have to create an invoice every week and send it to your client.

This is really time-consuming. Isn’t it?  Here Recurring automation of Propovoice lets you get rid of doing the same task frequently. If you set it up once it will automatically be sending invoices, estimates, and proposals every week or as per your setting until you change it.

The Reminding automation will remind your clients one day before (as per your setting) of the due date of your invoice, estimate, etc.


To do many things effortlessly you will easily integrate Propovoice with many integrations including

  1. Contact form
  2. Option monster
  3. Fluent CRM
  4. SMTP
  5. Mailchimp
  6. Zoom
  7. Google Meet
  8. Google Calendar 
  9. Google Drive
  10. Paypal and Stripe etc.

Ready to accelerate your service workflow and win more projects? Let’s get started now. It’s simple and its output…really incredible!

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