Best Wordpress Crm Plugin For Startups And Mid-Level Agencies

The Best WordPress CRM Plugin for Startups and Mid-level Agencies

Startup and mid-level agencies are far different from enterprises in strategy and implementation. Startups and mid-level agencies need a CRM of particular features for client relationship management.

Propovoice is the best CRM for startups and mid-level agencies as it has been designed especially for startups and mid-level agencies. Propovoice helps your startups and midlevel agencies nurture potential leads and clients and maintain business simultaneously. Propovoice offers

  • Client management 
  • Creating proposal
  • Creating estimate
  • Creating invoice
  • Billing and Accounting

Propovoice is the best client relationship management plugin for startups and mid-level agencies. The things that made it the best CRM are as below.

Designed for startups and mid-level agencies

Propovoice is the best CRM for startups and mid-level agencies because it has been designed giving startups and mid-level agencies top priority. The features are concisely designed considering the needs of startups and mid-level agencies.

Certain and necessary features

One of the biggest mistakes most startups and mid-level agencies make is they try CRM is too large and complicated to use. For your startups and mid-level agencies, you don’t need such a large and complicated CRM that makes your salespeople confused with superfluous features and options that they don’t need.

Sometimes they lose track in so many options and hardly find the required ones. However, Propovoice apprehended the requirements of startups and mid-level agencies and brought an effective solution with only the necessary features for startups and mid-level agencies. It’s clear and easy to understand and use.

No need for training

Before we dive into drawing the wireframe (skeletal framework) of Propovoice, we conducted user research and define their needs, preferences, and pain points, and cerebrated a lot to ideate better solutions.

After creating the prototype of Propovoice we tested its usability and updated it many times in an iterative way to make it the best. Thus we make Propovoice clear and easy to understand and use. Therefore, your sales and billing team donā€™t need to take much training.

Self-instructional design

Propovoice interacts with users so nicely that your sales and billing team can use it intuitively. It neither lets them think much nor confuses them about what to do. Its self-driving immediate instructions lead your team to continue flawlessly. So, they can understand immediately when and what to do step by step while using Propovoice.

Lead and Client management

As a startup or mid-level agency you may have a good number of potential leads and clients but not enough skilled team members to manage them. Your team has to struggle a lot to nurture your potential leads and clients because of not having a good CRM.

Or it may have been not possible for your team to store leads thoroughly. Propovoice is the best CRM solution for your team.  It will assist your team to manage your clients and grow your sales.


Your sales and billing team will enjoy some amazing automation that accelerates their workflow. Your agency may have some regular clients who pay weekly and your team has to create invoices every week and send it to your clients.

This is really time-consuming. Isnā€™t it?  Here Recurring automation of Propovoice lets your team get rid of doing the same tasks frequently. If you set it up once it will automatically be sending invoices, estimates, and proposals every week or as per your setting until you change it.

The Reminding automation will be reminding your clients before one day (as per your setting)  of the due date of your invoice, estimate, etc.  


To do many things effortlessly your team will easily integrate Propovoice with many integrations including

  1. Contact form
  2. Option monster
  3. Fluent CRM
  4. SMTP
  5. Mailchimp
  6. Zoom
  7. Google meet
  8. Google calendar 
  9. Google drive
  10. Paypal and Stripe etc.

Ready to boost your agencyā€™s sales and business workflow? Letā€™s get started now with Propovoice. Itā€™s simple and its outputā€¦really incredible!

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