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The Easiest Way to Create a Business Proposal in 2023

A business proposal is a sales tool, not just a formal letter. The purpose of a business proposal is to make a persuasive case that leads to a sale. If you want to win more projects and grow your sales, you or your concerned officials must have detailed knowledge about how to create a business proposal.

Although you usually have initial discussions several times with your sales-ready leads over project requirements, goals, KPIs, key challenges, etc, the proposal you are going to send is very crucial especially if it’s your first-time contract with a new client.

Please never think that it’s just a formality or something less important as you have already discussed almost everything in detail. All your discussions may fail if your leads find your proposal unorganized and unprofessional.

So let’s jump to make out how to create an attractive proposal that wins the project.

Essentials to create a business Proposal

To create a business proposal that wins the project, your proposal must overcome the following hurdles:


Before preparing a proposal you must have discussed the project requirements, KPIs, and goals. You can ask project owners and stakeholders several questions about the problems and challenges they want to bring solutions to.

Describe the project requirements and their preferences to show that you understand every point of the project requirements and the client’s preferences thoroughly. 


Provide your updated portfolio links to let your clients see your skillset and experiences. You can present your most relevant and most recent projects and describe briefly how you solved the problems and contributed to growing your client’s business. If already clients have been impressed or verbally confirmed you, it may be not needed when you create a business proposal.  

Time constraints

Your proposal should make clear how much time you need to accomplish the project. You can divide the total time into different phases for different deliverables.

For instance, say you are a UI/UX designer and you have to go through many phases like empathizing with users, defining needs and problems, ideating solutions, prototyping, and testing usability to accomplish a design project.

So, when you create a business proposal, you can mention that the first week’s deliverable is the user research findings with user persona, the second week’s deliverable is the wireframe and finally, you will deliver the complete design before or on the last date. 


After defining the scope of work you can set prices for scopes respectively. You can insert a table to craft SOW and prices concisely. ? When you create a business proposal for your international clients, pricing should be generally in US dollars. In the case of local clients or those who prefer their country’s currency, you can set prices as per what they want. 

Terms and conditions

In this section clarify your service terms and conditions like payment milestones, providing updates, communication methods, etc. In terms of service business, how many times of reviews you will allow, your right to publish the project on your portfolio, and so on. These terms and conditions must be included to create a business proposal to avoid hassles and maintain a good business relationship with your clients.


Include a space for signatures to document the agreement for both parties. 

That’s all about how you can create a standard proposal that wins the project. Are you worried about all those things or do you think that is a very long process and looking for something easier and time saver but standard?

If so, just jump to Propovoice and create an amazing proposal with ready templates within a few minutes. This is really incredible and I know you will love it. You can learn about its amazing features here.

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