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How To Collect New Leads As A Freelancer

How to Collect New Leads As a Freelancer

Leads are your business. The more leads you can collect, the more sales opportunity you can create. Most businesses have a sales team to collect new leads.

As a freelancer, one-man army, you need to allocate some time to work as a sales team. Are you thinking about how it could be possible?

Yes, it’s tough, but a good CRM can make collecting new leads and managing them simple for you.  

In this guide, I’ll share strategies to consistently generate new leads to grow your freelance career.

What is a lead?

A lead is a person who may be interested in your product or service. That person also can be on behalf of an organization.

The interest is expressed by filling up your website contact form, sending a query email, a message on social media or the marketplace, or even a like on your social media direct and indirect marketing posts.

Leads typically come from your website, marketplace, and social media marketing. Your happy clients often recommend their friends and relatives purchase your product and service.

In simple words, an individual or an organization that indicates interest in what service or product you are selling is a lead.

How to collect leads

As a freelancer, you find a list of previous clients in your marketplace inbox and work history. But you won’t able to collect their emails or phone from a marketplace.

So usually you can’t create any lead list from a marketplace. You have to do all outside. But it’s crucial to generate leads as you may not find clients from the marketplace regularly or you need more clients to grow your personal revenue or ensure your agency’s financial stability. 

Let’s dive into how you can collect new leads and grow your sales. Collecting leads encompasses a wide range of tactics.

Facebook Lead Generation

Nowadays, everybody is on Facebook. We spend a lot of time on this social site. It has been a method for lead generation since its inception.

As a freelancer, besides your personal professional Facebook account, you should have a Facebook page with the details of your service or product. Outbound links to your website on your business posts on Facebook bring a good number of leads.

By creating events, live videos, paid ads, business pages, boosting posts, and so on you can generate a lot of leads and grow your sales.

Twitter Lead Generation

Twitter has an amazing feature called Twitter lead generation cards. It has made generating leads on Twitter mere simple. With this lead generation card of Twitter, you can automatically get the emails and user names of the interested people.

Like Facebook, you can run paid ads on Twitter as well.

LinkedIn Lead Generation

LinkedIn is an online planet where all professionals live. This is the most popular platform for lead generation. There are many integrations and extensions to automate the lead generation process.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an awesome tool for generating leads of your targeted people. It has an advanced filter that allows you to find out exactly the professionals you are looking for from a certain location in a few clicks.

List Your Service on Online  Directories

The more you are visible, the more likely you are to be reached out to. By searching on Google, you can discover many directories that enlist freelancers and agencies. Fill out the form and follow the process to be enlisted.

Once you are enlisted you will be getting potential leads. 

However, you will find some directories that don’t enlist freelancers but agencies. So what! Plan to run an agency. Maybe today you are only one employee of your agency but one day it will become large and you will employ hundreds of skilled people. You might have heard that a journey of thousand miles begins with a single step.

Answer Questions on Q&A Sites

Your answers on question-answer sites like Quora and your presence on professional and social media like LinkedIn and Twitter generate leads for your business. It also denotes that you don’t hanker after money. You love helping others and your profession.

As a result, you gain trust and establish your personal branding. This is an indirect method of lead generation but brings incredible output. 

Collecting leads is not all. You have to prioritize, nurture and qualify them for sales. To do so and even collect more leads, partner with Propovoice and let it take your business experience to the next level.

Propovoice helps you manage your clients very well and build a stronger relationship with your clients.

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