Recurring Invoices

Create Recurring Invoices with WordPress Invoice Plugin

What is Invoicing System?

Invoicing system is the most crucial part when you’re running a business related to sales. Invoicing or billing system is the process of keeping all sales records safe. However, when the service is entirely WordPress website-based, there’s no better solution than WordPress invoice plugins. So, let’s see how to create recurring invoices with the Propovoice.

What is a Recurring Invoice?

A recurring invoice is sending an invoice to a customer at regular intervals. More precisely, when your customer purchases the same product or service, you send the same invoice repeatedly on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.

Automated recurring invoice is a fantastic feature that automatically lets you send invoices to your customers. An ideal invoice plugin must include a recurring invoice feature.

Propovoice CRM and invoicing is the most reliable and easily manageable WordPress invoice plugin. Propovoice has released a brand new automated recurring invoice feature very recently. With this feature, your customers will keep receiving recurring invoices promptly without your interactions. Propovoice will automate the whole process for you. All you need to do is set up recurring invoices for specific clients.

Creating Automated Recurring Invoices with Propovoice

Propovoice v1.0.6.7 and v1.3.2 have introduced the new PayPal and Stripe recurring invoice features. It also has an auto-subscription option that renews the invoices in the scheduled time frame.

It’s easy to activate recurring invoices in Propovoice. Let’s see the step-by-step guide to creating automated recurring invoices using the Propovoice WordPress invoice plugin.

  1. Make sure you’ve enabled the payment gateway beforehand. Propovoice has added the new PayPal and Stripe payment methods. Go to Propovoice > Settings > Choose either PayPal or Stripe Payment to activate. You can add unlimited accounts.
  2. To create a new invoice, go to Propovoice > Invoice. You can also convert the existing invoice into a recurring one.
  3. On the right portion, you’ll see the Recurring toggle button. Just turn on the Recurring switch. You can also select the time frame, intervals, and the number of recurring invoices.
  4. To activate the automatic subscription, turn on the Send Automatically radio button.
  5. Go to the Payment Method to select your desired payment option.

And you’re done. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

Who Can Use Recurring Invoices?

The recurring invoice feature is for you if your business regularly offers a service or product that requires the same invoices. This feature is perfect for freelancers or business owners who provide the following:

  • Marketing services.
  • Rental services.
  • Graphic and web design services.
  • Consultancy services and more.

Benefits of Recurring Invoices

Minimize Workloads

You don’t need to send each customer late payment billings and other invoices manually. It means you can use your intellect to craft your business for greater success. Propovoice’s automatic subscription system will do the job for you.

Improves Customer Experience

A recurring billing model lets your customers manage all the payments on time. Your customers don’t need to go through manual procedures. Propovoice helps your customer to predict the payment process, making the experience much better. A better customer experience brings more customers and more customers mean greater business growth.

Automates the Process

Once you set the automatic invoice feature, you no longer need to face the same hassle again. The Propovoice will keep your customers up to date with the invoices in a scheduled calendar.

Finally, creating recurring invoices in Propovoice is as easy as a piece of cake. Propovoice can be the best WordPress invoice plugin, whether you’re a freelancer or a mid-level business owner. Have you used the Propovoice plugin yet? You can share your experience with us. Feel free to ask anything if you have queries regarding Propovoice. Our support team is always ready to help you.

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