Free Client Management Portal Plugins In Wordpress

Free Client Management Portal in WordPress – Complete Guide

When we talk about building websites, the one name that comes to our mind is WordPress. WordPress CMS has single-handedly empowered more than 40% of all websites on the internet nowadays. That’s the short intro to a popular content management system. However, is it possible to do client management inside WordPress?

The answer is yes. It’s very much possible. Some excellent client management portal tools are available on the internet. WordPress CRM is taking over the market with a speedy move. So, what’s so special about the WordPress client management portal?

WordPress CRM has become a top priority for freelancers and small to mid-level agencies. It’s one of the most efficient options for maintaining client management and various workflow that boost sales and business growth.

What Does a WordPress CRM System Do?

As a rising entrepreneur, you always cherish forming your agency with multiple employees. This is where WordPress CRM comes to play a crucial role. Once you have numerous talents and clients, investing in client relationship management(CRM) becomes necessary.

WordPress CRM enables you to grasp your customers’ needs and fulfill them. Not only that, you will be able to manage your customers’ queries as efficiently as possible. Just imagine you entered an ice cream shop looking for a specific flavor. The sales guy already knows about your favorite ice cream based on your previous purchase and demographics. Wouldn’t it be fantastic? CRM tool works that way. It creates a bridge between your clients and your business.

You may already know much about WordPress CRM plugins and their work process. However, many of you don’t know how to create a perfect client management portal using free WordPress CRM plugins. Let’s discuss how to create a customer management portal with WordPress.

If you wonder which CRM you should choose for your WordPress site, Propovoice should be your priority. We will dive inside Propovoice later, but let’s discuss the client management portal and its importance.

Why is a Client Management Portal  System Important?

A full-fledged client management portal system helps you manage all sorts of client resources in one place. It enables all your clients to handle their work to some extent, lessening your workload.

If you run a web development website, you may need to create a dashboard where all your clients can download all the resources they want. That’s what a client portal does.

You don’t want your clients to hit you with messages asking for the resources and waiting all day for your response. It will kill more time for both parties. A client portal can reduce these types of hassles once and for all. So, having a client management portal is that beneficial.

Core Benefits of Client Management Portal

The wordPress client management portal is a single contact point for your team and clients. It usually makes you aware of your client’s needs very well. There are some critical advantages of a client management portal. Let’s check out.

Reduce Costs: The client management portal system can help your business on a significant scale by reducing unwanted expenses. As a self-service tool, there’s less possibility of lousy communication and thus no extra fees.

Brings Everyone Together: The client management portal allows your users to stay together under a centralized social platform-like forum.

Boosts Business Growth: Whether up-selling or cross-selling, you can easily recommend the best product to all your customers. Client portal helps you gather all the information provided by your customers.

Better User Experience: Your customers will be very pleased when they search for queries, and you reply to them with a special discount coupon if any of the products are on sale. A tailored client portal allows you to serve customers with the best facilities possible.

Easily Manageable: The client portal lets users manage their profiles, photos, securities, membership plans, and more.

Ideal Features a Client Management Portal System Should Provide

If you’re looking forward to choosing the best client portal system, you must consider a few features that an ideal client management portal should offer.

Contact Form: The contact form is a message board between you and your customers. The client management portal should include contact forms to make communication neat.

CRM System: An ideal WordPress client management portal should be able to manage users. CRM-based tools can be the solution to this.

Invoicing and Billing System: Whenever your clients purchase, you send them invoices. A good client management portal should be able to keep all the invoices and billing histories on record.

Project Management: The project management feature helps you track the details of all the ongoing or upcoming projects based on the client’s demand.

Webhooks Integration: Webhooks integration enables you to automate the WordPress platform. You can quickly send necessary data to other tools and receive data from other sources.

API for External Applications: A good client management portal should offer API integration. API enables other applications to access and collaborate with the WordPress system.

Propovoice – Best WordPress Plugin for Client Management Portal

You’ve learned the benefits and importance of a client management portal system. Now it’s time to introduce some of the best WordPress plugins to create a unique and highly secure client management portal.

Propovoice is the best WordPress CRM and invoicing plugin for freelancers and mid-level businesses. It’s a feature-packed, all-in-one solution for those looking for the best CRM plugins for WordPress. So, why is Propovoice the best CRM for you? What features make it eligible to create the most flexible client management portal? Time to find out.

Propovoice CRM – Some of the Key Features

All-in-one CRM tool: With Propovoice CRM, you gain a holistic bird-eye view of your overall business. It means you can manage the team, clients, clients’ info, billing, communication, and more, all under a single platform.

Invoicing: When it comes to client management, you must look after all the new sales, upsells, cross-sells, and more. In that case, Propovoice offers the best invoicing system that lets you keep all the sales records in a single place. No more hassles in making bill receipts manually. Propovoice enables you to do your thing smartly. It has all the pre-built invoicing templates to fulfill your necessities.

The new addition to Propovoice is the automated recurring invoicing feature. It allows you to create, send, and manage all the invoices automatically.

Project Management: Propovoice comes with the most manageable project management abilities among all the other CRMs in the market. You can add a new project from the dashboard. It’s not only about adding projects.

You can edit the project details with unique options. Setting up the project status will be simple too. The overall user-friendly interface makes the entire project management easy for you.

Webhooks and API Integration: Propovoice helps you integrate with various applications and keeps communication straightforward between those apps. The additional webhooks and API integration options make it all possible for you.

You can dive into the Propovoice documentation for more details.

So, what do you think of Propovoice? It has all you need, right? Now, how will Propovoice help you create an appropriate client management portal? The Nurency team of masterminds is working hard on creating some new features in their hands. Client Portal is one of those. However, you can have a glimpse of the upcoming client management portal.

So, what features will the client portal have? Let’s see.

Propovoice’s Upcoming Client Management Portal Features 

Propovoice will introduce the client management portal system very soon. The client portal will be feature-packed, of course. You can create the customer management portal with ease or your life. It will help you manage all the clients’ details singlehandedly.

Client Portal Features:

  • Project request
  • Project Overview
  • Accepting estimates and proposals
  • Invoices and bill pay
  • Conversations with the team members
  • Buy service package
  • File transfer within the team

Sounds interesting already, right? More exciting features will be there in the client management portal. We’re also excited to share the initial first look at our upcoming client portal.

Client Management Portal

Final Thought

Finally, you’re well aware of the Propovoice client management portal. Aren’t you? Creating an overall client management environment on WordPress was never so complicated. Propovoice WordPress CRM plugin will make the process more sophisticated and more accessible than ever.

We hope this article has been a good read for you. Let us know your experience with the Propovoice WordPress CRM plugin. Was it worthy of use? Are you all excited about the upcoming client management portal feature? Feel free to share your valuable words.

That’s all for today. Have a great day ahead.

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