Wordpress Crm Vs Saas Crm

Free WordPress CRM vs SaaS CRM – Which is the Best?

A customer relationship management system or CRM has always been a core starter for any business you run. The tool helps you handle your existing and potential customers from your comfort zone. Therefore, CRM is a crucial role player in business growth to a potent level. However, which one is the best one among the WordPress CRM vs SaaS CRM?

The customer is the King, and CRM enables you to treat your King well. In short, CRM allows you to build credible relationships between your business and the customers. That’s how you keep your sales conversion and customer retention growing.

There are many types of CRM tools available. Free WordPress CRM and SaaS or self-hosted CRM services are a few. In this article, you’ll learn how these CRM applications work for different individuals. Beforehand, let’s briefly discuss the necessities, benefits, and critical aspects of CRM.

Difference Between Free WordPress CRM vs SaaS CRM

Before you dive deep into the core benefits of CRM tools, you must know the difference between WordPress-based CRM and SaaS. World’s most popular content management system(CMS), WordPress, provides a lucrative number of CRM Plugins that populate your WordPress website with various CRM functionalities. A recent survey shows WordPress CRM plugins are storming over traditional CRM.

On the other hand, SaaS or software as a service CRM is a cloud-based CRM model that integrates and unites all your CRM activities in one place. SaaS CRM doesn’t require a CMS to install as it’s a cloud-powered service provided by various vendors. Large enterprises have shifted to SaaS CRM recently, making it a $172 billion worth industry.

Propovoice – A Free WordPress CRM for Beginners

Have you just started your entrepreneurial journey? Look no further. The Nurency developer team has brought an ultimate WordPress CRM solution for freelancers and mid-level agencies. So, let’s see how Propovoice can be fruitful for you.

Designed for Freelancers and Mid-level Agencies

Whether a freelancer or an agency owner, you must keep all your clients in hand by maintaining proper communication.

Propovoice is one of the best WordPress CRM to keep you on track with the utmost facilities.


When it comes to free WordPress CRM, you always look for the function and features in a plugin. Propovoice, however, has everything you require to maintain your workflow. Keeping the freelancers and small agencies in mind, our developers have showered Propovoice with many flexible features, integrations, and a clean user interface.

Very Easy-to-Use

Propovoice has introduced the cleanest and most user-friendly interface among other CRM tools. We’ve helped with detailed user persona research before we put our hands on the development process. We’ve found all the customer pain points, listened to all their needs, nurtured all their demands, and eventually crafted the most anticipated CRM tools of this era.

Flawless Design

The design of the Propovoice is so intuitively impressive that anyone with a beginner level of WordPress usability can comfortably use it without any hassle. It’s as easy as a piece of cake! You don’t even need any extensive tutorial or training to run this plugin. You’ll immediately understand the whole process step-by-step once you initiate the tool.

Client and Lead Management Made Easy

It’s not easy to handle everything by yourself. No matter how broad or small-ranged a business you run, you must obtain all your customers’ information. With Propovoice, you can get all these jobs done pretty quickly. The automation system will save time and shorten your workload by managing many customers’ data, emails, invoices, and more.

The recurring automation feature is the best part of Propovoice. You no longer need to do the same task all over again manually. Propovoice will take care of it once and for all.

Groundbreaking Integration Option

To make your job effortless, Propovoice adds added boundary-defying integrations. It’s no longer arduous to get all the facilities in one place. You will be amazed as well as jaw-dropped to learn that Propovoice alone comes with the integrations as follows:

  • SMTP
  • Option Monster
  • Zoom
  • Google Meet
  • Contact Form
  • Mailchimp
  • Google Calendar
  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Google Drive &
  • Fluent CRM

Now you know why Propovoice is the only CRM solution you must consider to accelerate your business.

SaaS CRM – A Perfect CRM Solutions for Large Enterprise

You’ve learned enough about Propovoice and how it facilitates freelancers and start-ups. So, now a question might arise what CRM tools do large-scale businesses use? The answer is straightforward. Most big enterprise use SaaS CRM or hosted customer relationship management systems.

To be more precise, SaaS CRM enables a business to nurture all the data in one place. As a cloud-based system, saving all types of information is always easier. Such a software model doesn’t require extensive on-premise installation and critical IT infrastructure. Therefore, SaaS CRM is always reasonable and manageable for enterprises.

How can SaaS CRM be so beneficial?

  • SaaS CRM reduces costs.
  • It’s easy to install.
  • SaaS requires less maintenance.
  • It comes with enhanced accessibility.

Let’s look at some of the best SaaS CRM software with essential features and pricing details.

SoftwareFeaturesPrice starts from
Big ContactMarketing AutomationContact Management$5 per user/month
HubSpot CRMUniversal InboxPipeline Tracking$45/month
Zoho CRMCustomer SegmentationLead Prediction$14 per user/month
SalesforceWorkflow AutomationSales Forecasting$25 per user/month
SugarCRMPre-built layoutsReal-time Insights$49 per user/month

WordPress CRM Plugins are Open Source

Why are free WordPress CRM plugins popular among developers and users? Because most WordPress CRM tools are open-source. Being an open-source tool, it allows the user to manipulate or customize the plugin according to their requirements.

Most freelancers and mid-level agencies maintain WordPress websites for their businesses. In that case, CRM plugins turn out to be fruitful for them. WordPress CMS lets users store all their valuable data under a single digital platform. So it’ll be easier for you to access all the information when you have a WordPress-hosted site.

If your website already has all the info, you no longer need to sync with any third-party software that might cause a breach of security. Eventually, you can depend entirely on WordPress CRM plugins due to their immense flexibility. You and your team will be more than happy with the free WordPress CRM.

Core benefits of free WordPress CRM:

  • You get CMS and CRM under one roof.
  • These plugins have automatic integration systems.
  • Not too expensive like the traditional web-based CRM.
  • Open-source plugins. So, codes are publicly available for further customization.
  • Some of its features don’t even require extensive coding.

Some of the top free WordPress CRM tools:

PluginsFeaturesPrice starts from
PropovoiceComplete CRM toolInvoicing solutionsAutomation$59/year to $499/year
Fluent CRMEmail Campaign ManagementPre-designed email layoutsBlock EditorImport CSV contact$129/year for a single site.
WP ERPMailchimp integrationSupport 44 currenciesPremade templatesShortcodes$112/year
WP CRMCSV uploadDropbox integrationZapier extensionFree, A few premium add-ons available.
GroundhoggCSV importSales funnel managementForm editorMarketing AutomationFree, Premium version ranges from $20/month to $80/month
JetPack CRMCSV importPayPal and Stripe Integration$11/month to $30/month
UpiCRMAdvanced GDPR FeaturesCollect leads from websitesFree!

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, it’s clear which CRM can fulfill your protocols at best. Free WordPress CRM can be the best solution for you if you’re a freelancer or someone with a small business. On the other hand, SaaS self-hosted CRM for large enterprises or agencies.

In short, whether you own a small or large-scale business, you must maintain a customer management system tool. CRM will not only enhance your customer satisfaction but also will boost your sales and profit margins.

Depending on your company and sales operation, choosing the best CRM for your business is optimal. No matter what CRM tool you use, take your time to explore all the features and functionalities.

We hope this article was helpful to you. Let us know your precious thoughts. We appreciate every single word of yours.

That’s all for now. Have a good day.

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